Hand Carry Courier Service from the Royale International Group

In business there are often times when the shipment of an item becomes an absolute priority. Hand carry couriers are able to help out in times like these as they work tirelessly to deliver your item as quickly as possible. Many of the top fortune 500 companies often make use of this service which is offered by the Royale International Group, so what is the hand carry service exactly and when might it prove to be a priceless service for your business?

Items Delivered by Hand in Hours
The hand carry courier service is perfect if you need an item or documents delivered as quickly as feasibly possible. Some of the common reasons for using this service is when a sample is required to secure a deal, a vital document or component has been left behind which could result in loss of sales, a client or even legal action. When a client or colleague is expecting an item to be there as a matter of urgency, the hand carry time critical service is there to save the day.

When you need a shipment delivered as soon as possible you only need to contact the Royale International Group and request a pick up. Within half an hour of your call you will be sent a quote and the flight details for you to check over. Your shipment will then be collected and personally looked after by one of the trained hand carry couriers for the entire journey. It is not unheard of for shipments like these to be on the plane heading for their destination in just four hours and this service is available seven days a week, all year long.

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